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What Steps Are Taken To Better Protect Confidential Information at qrint?

qprint has written confidentiality policies and procedures describing both the type of information considered confidential and the procedures employees must follow in order to ensure confidential information is protected.  This information is provided to employees in qprint’s employee handbook. This policy covers the following information:

All confidential documents are stored in locked file cabinets and/or a room accessible only to those who have a business “need-to-know.”

All electronic confidential information is protected via firewalls, encryption and passwords.

  • Employees clear their desks of any confidential information before going home at the end of the day.
  • Employees refrain from leaving confidential information visible on their computer monitors when they leave their work stations.
  • All confidential information, whether contained on written documents, or electronically, are marked as “confidential.”
  • All confidential information is disposed of properly (e.g. employees do not print out a confidential document and then throw it away without shredding it first.)
  • Employees refrain from discussing confidential information in public places.
  • Employees avoid using e-mail to transmit certain sensitive or controversial information.
  • Limit the acquisition of confidential client data (e.g. bank accounts, or driver’s license numbers) unless it is integral to the business transaction and restrict access on a “need-to-know’ basis.
  • Before disposing of an old computer, we use software programs to wipe out the data contained on the computer or have the hard drive destroyed.

All New and/or Current Employees Sign a “Non-Disclosure” Agreement to protect our client’s information:

We ask that out employees sign a Non-Discloser Agreement as part of our HR process to ensure that our client’s business information is respected and protected.

Our clients entrust us with a wide range of confidential material including:

  • Private Ministerial papers
  • Development Applications
  • Police investigations
  • Corporate Tenders
  • Government Tender Requests
  • Coroner’s reports
  • Legal submissions and many other highly sensitive documents.

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